Nicolas McQueen
Nicolas is a second year student at Smith College for Social work with interest in working in adult psychiatric services following graduation.  He also has interest in earning a medical degree to gain greater understanding of behavior from a biologically based perspective.  His work experience spans hospitality, travel, and addiction recovery.  Nicolas has interest in potentially becoming a known donor himself one day.


Chris Waisman, MSW

Chris has a psychotherapy practice in Northampton, MA. Chris is also an adjunct faculty member and doctoral fellow at the Smith College School of Social Work, where he focuses on research and clinical practice with youth. Chris is fluent in Spanish, and has provided services to individuals, groups, and families for over two decades. 

Karen Kantor, M.Ed.
Karen Kantor is a graduate student at Smith College School of Social Work and an intern at Cambridge Health Alliance. She came to social work after a prior career in higher education and technology. Karen plans to work as a therapist to help others foster resiliency, recognize and overcome emotional patterns and struggles, and live fuller, more creative lives


Toni Georgiana
Toni is a second year graduate student at Smith College School for Social Work.  Having come from a musical theatre background as a professional dancer, she is very much interested in the mind/ body connection.  Toni intends to pursue a career working as a therapist in a clinical setting upon graduation. 


Susan Leopold, MA, MPS, R.Psych
Susan Leopold is an Art Psychotherapist, Visual Artist and second year MSW student at Smith College.  Her interests focus on Children and Family Mental Health and improving developmental outcomes for Children and Youth in the Child Welfare System.

Patrick Hunnicutt
Patrick is a second year graduate student at the Smith School of Social Work. His primary work experience is as a counselor at a nonprofit mental health agency, and he is intending to pursue additional training as an outpatient therapist following graduation

Emily Ruppel
Emily Ruppel is a sophomore sociology major at Smith College. She is interested in questions of power and social stratification, especially along axes of gender and sexuality, and how these larger social structures impact individuals and their relationships.

Mallory Merryman

Mallory Merryman is a recent graduate of Smith College with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in the Study of Women and Gender. Mallory’s academic work has primarily focused on LGBTQ mental health and family building.

Hannah Karpman, Ph.D., M.S.W, PI

Dr. Karpman is a child and family well-being researcher at Smith School for Social Work.  Her research focuses on the ways in which children and their families are impacted by formal child serving systems (like Medicaid) and family formation decisions (known donors).  In addition, she works with community partners to evaluate innovative solutions to challenges for child and family well being.  Dr. Karpman has a personal as well as professional interest in known donor families as she and her wife have conceived two children with the help of a family friend.  She looks forward to learning about the experiences of other known donor families and the ways in which they are different and the same from her own experience.

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