Liza Katz
Liza is a graduate student at the Smith College School for Social Work. For over ten years she has worked in higher education administration and in support of the growing field of Contemplative Studies. She is interested in systems theory, social change, and social welfare policy as well as the use of mindfulness based interventions with trauma-informed care and substance use disorders.

Sandra Hallett
Sandra is a first year graduate student at the Smith College School for Social Work. She recently graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a minor in Sociology. She has experience working with survivors of sexual assault as a counselor and advocate, and she intends to work as an outpatient therapist with children and adolescents following graduation. Her interests include Child and Family Mental Health and Social Welfare Policy; and she plans to pursue her doctoral degree in Social Welfare Policy. 

Shanna Fishel, M.Ed 
Shanna is a AASECT certified sex educator, an MSW student at Smith college, and on track to become a clinical sex therapist.  Coming with a background as a special education teacher, her interests focus on positive sexuality, functional diversity, harm reduction, and queer issues. Her experiences in sexuality matters started in 2007 as a Planned Parenthood volunteer, and include hundreds of workshop hours, volunteer and clinical work, and community engagement in Israel and the U.S. 

Hannah Karpman, Ph.D., M.S.W, PI

Dr. Karpman is a child and family well-being researcher at Smith School for Social Work.  Her research focuses on the ways in which children and their families are impacted by formal child serving systems (like Medicaid) and family formation decisions (known donors).  In addition, she works with community partners to evaluate innovative solutions to challenges for child and family well being.  Dr. Karpman has a personal as well as professional interest in known donor families as she and her wife have conceived two children with the help of a family friend.  She looks forward to learning about the experiences of other known donor families and the ways in which they are different and the same from her own experience.

Meet the Research Team

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